"Venice Mating Call" 
 Tim Buckley
 Venice Mating Call
 Okt 2017
 03.09.1969 - 04.09.1969
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Product Information

Tim Buckley possessed a golden voice that spanned the range from baritone to tenor. More importantly, he knew what to do with it. Sometimes he used it simply as a vehicle to carry the lyrics. Other times he used it as an extraordinary musical instrument in its own right.

In early September 1969 Buckley played five sets over two days at LA club The Troubadour, all of which were recorded. These shows featured him at his improvisational best, each performance of every song being different from other performances of the same song. A selection of these recordings was issued in 1994 as »Live At The Troubadour 1969«.

Producers Pat Thomas and Bill Inglot have gone through the remaining recordings and have put together two more packages – this 2 CD set »Venice Mating Call« and a single CD set »Greetings From West Hollywood«, which although they both feature two performances in common with each other, do not duplicate any recordings from the 1994 release.

The booklet features extensive and explanatory annotation by Pat Thomas, along with photos and ephemera.

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